Benefits of Shutters and Different Materials

Shutters are more permanent window treatment options than curtains or vinyl blinds that offers a custom solution for all the windows in your home, even those that are odd shapes. There are many benefits associated with installing window shutters. They can help you insulate your home, and provide better heat retention in cooler times, and help keep your home cool during hot months.  Plantation shutters are available in a wide variety of styles. If you’re looking for a timeless solution that will add style to your windows for years to come, choosing plantation shutters could be just what you’re looking for.

Since each panel is adjusted individually, you can control the light in your space more effectively. Shutters also provide privacy by adjusting to allow light in without letting people see into the windows. Window shutters are also the only option for many oddly-shaped windows, such as gables and porthole-type windows.

Plantation shutters are individually designed and created to suit the particular needs of a space. For ground floors, café-style shutters could be the perfect solution, since they allow natural light in while simultaneously providing privacy. Using solid shutters can provide a traditional feel to a room, while completely and easily blocking out light or creating privacy in an instant.

Many shutters can be created in the perfect custom color to meet your needs and complement your décor or remodeling ideas. A final UV layer is then added to protect the color and help your shutters resist fading.

There are a range of different materials for shutters available, from waterproof and permanent options to cost-effective entry level shutters. All plantation shutters are custom-made bespoke products designed to perfectly fit your home.

Engineered wood – The Low-Cost Solution

The Antigua line of shutters is created from durable, environmentally-friendly engineered wood. A long-lasting coating finishes the blinds. The benefits of these shutters created from engineered wood are incredibly low-maintenance due to a surface that can be simply wiped down when dusty or dirty and low cost.  Unfortunately, engineered wood shutters cannot be offered in stained finishes. There are five shades of white that are available to suit your window installation.

Hardwood – The Popular and Versatile Option

Hardwood is the most popular material for plantation shutters. There are different types of hardwood utilized in the creation of shutters, each with their own special strengths and desirable qualities.

White Teak – Beautiful Finish

The white teak used to create the premium quality Sumatra Shutters is completely FSC certified. Teak offers a smooth surface and tight grain that can be stained or painted for a beautiful look. Sumatra Shutters are very high quality and come with many options, such as over 48 finishing options, including paint and stains, and optional electric operation. These shutters feature incredibly reliable mortise and tendon joints that will last years with regular care.

Basswood – Lightweight

The Cuba line of shutters uses kind dried, laminated basswood to provide a high-quality and incredibly lightweight plantation shutter option. All panels feature the long-lasting mortise and tenon joints. A limited number of colors are offered, in five shade of white to suit your space. Due to the laminated finish, stains are not offered for the Cuba basswood shutters. Basswood is a great material for creating shutters that can span to cover larger openings, due to being so lightweight.

ABS Encapsulated Hardwood – Waterproof and Durable

Permawood Shutters are designed to withstand the humid conditions of bathrooms and pool areas. The encapsulated hardwood is available in six painted colors, and cannot be stained. Permawood is entirely waterproof and is encapsulated with the same coating that is used for protecting American football helmets and is incredibly durable.

Omega Services Watch Repair

Omega services all of the watches to a highly tightly wound degree of standards. The standards are up to a certain caliber that Omega establishes for the purpose of ensuring that each one of its clients receives the best possible degree of service for their timepiece. The quality of the watch service is performed in such a way that the watch is returned in a state that is comparable to factory form, just as new and functional as it was when it was first produced. The Omega Watch company not only offers a quality degree of service, but also offers a full warranty for two years after the watch is repaired; this means that the service provided by Omega isn’t only restorative, but also protective of the watch’s condition for the future. Once a watch goes in for a repair by Omega, the owner is set up with a quote to determine just how much the entire procedure will cost. After the estimate has been established, the owner will be supplied with information about any post-operation work that may be necessary to follow up the initial appointment. If it is desired, the customer may also be notified via email about further service that may be required after the initial appointment. After the watch has been fully appraised,  a set of specific instructions is provided to the customer to follow in the period of time after the initial repair has occurred.

In order to complete service of the watch, a certain process must be undergone by Omega in order to let the watch achieve its top level of quality that the company is so famed for helping watches reach. To begin the process, the watch must first be completely dismantled from its original state into only the most small and basic components. The watch’s defective parts are intentionally rooted out of the interior so that only the parts that are operating at one hundred percent quality are left to continue operation in the newly refurbished form of the watch after the operation has been completely performed. The watch’s movement will be addressed with the method of intense ultrasonic cleaning, following which it will be completely reassembled into a state that fits the qualifications of the original manufacturer. After the watch has been reassembled and cleaned with ultrasonic technology, it will be outfitted with an electronic timing features. The manufacturer is completely stocked with a reservoir of spare pieces in order to ensure that any and all pieces of the watch that may be defective can be completely replaced if they need to be. All different calibres of watches are accommodated thanks to the extremely wide collection of watch parts that Omega manufactures keep in their supply at all times.

In the process of the Omega repair service, the case is taken apart to its most basic components. After the case has been completely broken down, the case is sent to the watch’s Casing Department. The Casing Department washes the case with ultrasonic technology, after which the it is brushed with a new coat of finish in order to attain its original state of production. The Casing Department service makes sure to go through with the utmost care in order to ensure that all watches are brought up to the most impressive state of quality possible.

After the Casing Department has finished its job, next comes to the duty of the Parts Department. The Parts Department has an extremely inclusive reservoir of spare parts in order to keep a constant supply of replacement material for all watches that need defective parts taken out and refitted. After the case has been repaired and the defective pieces have been replaced, the watch is returned to the user in optimal condition.

No Time Like The Present – Swisstec’s High-Quality Ebel Watch Repair

There is nothing so precious and yet so incalculable and tricky as time itself.  Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town plays with this principle, showing the passage of time over several generations in a small fictional New England town—“Gover’s Corners”—and the effect it has on the people there as they live out an ordinary, turn-of-the-century American life.  One of the key symbols of the life is the watch George Gibbs is given as he comes of age.  It’s a gold pocket watch, and in a play as concerned with the passage of time and the flow of human life from one moment to the next, having that watch passed down to George stands as a prominent and important symbolic statement on time and family alike in the play—one which we can all replicate in real life.  You, too, may wish to pass down that Rolex or yours to son (or even a son-in-law) later in life—but suppose that watch is broken?  What then?  Our Town’s Stage Manager would be the first to agree that “Sometimes, things aren’t always functional,” but with Swisstec, you’ll receive some of the finest watch repair service around, especially when it comes to Ebel watches, Rolexes and other fine time-keeping pieces.


Ebel watches constitute a unique and exquisite breakthrough in the field of luxury watches (all the more reason to keep them in good working order.)  Since 1911, Ebel watches have stood for elite quality among wristwatches.  This long-lived European brand rivals Rolex in the field of luxury watches and has taken most of the Continent by storm.  They’re regularly jeweled or fashioned from only the best, high-quality materials, including pure gold and silver.

As you might expect, these watches can cost a pretty penny—and as such, you’ll certainly want to ensure that these watches stay in good working order.  While they’re built to last and are some of the hardiest luxury watches around, even still, nothing is infallible, and you still might find yourself in a situation where you need to have your expensive Ebel watch repaired, which is where Swisstec comes in.

Ebel watch repair can be tricky, given the intricate and delicate nature of those watches.  While Ebel builds watches which are high-quality and made to last, nevertheless, any time the innards of a watch are exposed or otherwise are being dealt with, there’s a certain amount of delicacy which is called for, and Swisstec understands this.  On submitting your watch for repair, our highly-trained servicemen and women will analyze the damage to the interior or exterior of the watch, suggest a course of action, and then, with your approval, act accordingly.  Given the delicate nature of wristwatches and watch repair overall, care is called for, and at Swisstec we teach our watch repair officials to approach every watch with a surgeon’s touch.

If you’re looking for a specialty shop or organization, Swisstec is the prime choice for Ebel watch repair.


In addition to repairing Ebel watches, we at Swisstec offer a wide variety of other services.  If you feel that any mechanisms in your watch have become worn, degraded or otherwise fallible, contact Swisstec and we’ll look to either repair or restore the component in question, or else help find you a replacement part.  If you feel that your watch is slow or otherwise acting in an irregular fashion and you can’t quite place the reason, contact us and we’ll work to correct the problem.

There’s no time to lose.

Robertson Tech

The Internet has opened the floodgates to opportunity. Now, anyone can start a business, share his or her thoughts on just about anything, learn everything there is to learn, watch everything there is to see. The fact that the advent of web-based services and the ubiquity of related hardware has made it possible for anyone to do just about anything, at least virtually, has brought with it the need for an industry pertaining to the finer points of administration, as relatively few people go through the trouble of learning everything they need to know to maintain their computers, set up their services, and service them regularly, all while planning and executing their primary plans.

That’s where IT support in London comes in. If you’ve got an online business, deal with information security, or deal with technology at all, really, chances are you’ll need professional input at least on occasion. Robertson Tech is a popular IT support London option for people from all walks of life and business, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at a few of the services we offer, and just why customers rave about their experiences, rather than just praise them.

People for People

Unlike many technology businesses, Robertson Tech prides itself on its ability to provide you access to experts who, like you, are people to. By this, we mean that the men and women managing your servers or maintaining your hardware will understand that you are more than a source of income for Robertson Tech, as well as more than a client giving orders. You are a person, in charge of an entire operation – a person with special challenges that must be met in special ways. This level of understanding is uncommon in business in general, and having it as a facet of your IT dealings is a surefire way to ensure that that particular aspect of your business will function with maximal efficiency.

Decades of Expertise

All of our experts have spent many years in the IT industry. What this means for them, is that nothing you throw at them will be new. What this means for you, is that, no matter how disastrous a problem seems, or how impossible it looks to find a solution, our tech support has, without doubt and without exception, seen worse. Between all of them, there are many decades of experience, all of which will be working to resolve your problems in the fastest, most permanent, and most cost-effective way possible.

Suave as Silk

Dealing with our IT experts is easier than you would expect. Most of the time, notifying a maintenance organization about problems is a chore. No one wants to deal with problems, even those who are paid to deal with them, so they don’t usually react pleasantly when you call to notify them of more work they have to do. Our experts understand that this is, after all, their job, and more importantly, they enjoy doing it.

Customer Service

Why do they enjoy work so many consider tedious? Because they’re the best out there, for one – and when you’re the best at what you do, it’s just fun to do it. More than that, they place customer service at the top of their list of priorities. Pleasing you comes first. This means your requests and concerns come before tech’s preferences. Of course, if their call is ultimately the best in the long run, they will tell you, and that is what they’ll do. But they will never shirk away from detail-work. Visit today for more information.

The Hows and Whys of Dental Veneers

What are Veneers?

A dental veneer is a whisper thin piece of tooth-colored porcelain or resin that can be adhered to the front of a tooth to improve appearance.

Veneers are an option to consider with your London based dentist when you want to improve your smile while keeping your natural teeth.

The most commonly used materials for veneers are porcelain and resin.  Both have advantages; while porcelain veneers are more stain resistant, resin versions require less preparation of the underlying tooth.  Consultation with your dentist and your dental health will guide the type of veneer used.

When teeth have been stained by medication, tetracycline is a common culprit, whitening products will be of no help.  A veneer application is a great solution.

Other conditions that call for veneers include gaps between teeth, teeth of uneven length, misshapen teeth, chipped teeth or teeth that have large restorations that vary in color from the natural tooth.

What’s the Process?

Getting your veneers will involve three dental visits.  During the first appointment the dentist will assess the best veneer for you based on an examination and your history.  The entire treatment plan will be discussed with you, as well as the care of your veneers and any challenges or limitations they may present.  It’s possible that she or he may take dental impressions as well.

On your next visit the teeth receiving veneers will be prepared.  This involves the removal of a very thin layer of your enamel from the tooth surface.  The amount of tooth removed is about equal to the thickness of the veneer material.  An impression of the prepared tooth will be taken in a substance that resembles modeling clay or putty.  This provides the technician prepare a veneer that’s an exact match for your tooth surface for the best appearing and adhering result.

Patience is called for.  Unless your dentist has an in-house lab, it will be up to two weeks for the finished product to be made.

The last appointment is when the veneers will be bonded to your teeth.  The dentist will carefully fit and adjust the finished veneer and make sure that you’re satisfied with the size, shape and color before it is permanently cemented to your tooth.  Minor adjustments to shading can be made at the time of application.

Once everyone is satisfied that the veneer will look good, final preparation of the tooth surface takes place.  The tooth is etched, or “roughed up” to provide a rough surface for better adhesion.  Dental cement  is applied to the veneer and it is finally placed on your tooth.

After cemented on, a special light will be shined on the tooth.  This activates the chemical properties in the dental cement to rapidly strengthen and cure the bond.

Finally, your dentist will assess your bite and make sure that it’s a comfortable fit. One more visit may be in order to check on how your gums and surrounding tissue are reacting to the new veneer.

Caring for Your Veneers

Your veneers need the same tender loving care you give your other teeth.  Brushing and flossing will help you keep your veneers looking great.  Flossing around your new veneers is necessary to avoid a buildup of plaque around the edges.

Continue to visit your dentist for routine care and cleanings.  During your hygiene appointments your veneers will be inspected for problems or loosening and can catch an issue before it’s a crisis.

Keeping Your Veneers Beautiful

Like your teeth, veneers will be affected by your lifestyle and diet.  Though stain resistant, discoloration can happen.  Nicotine, coffee, tea and red wine will stain your veneers as well as your teeth.

And here’s another reason to eat your veggies.  Fruits and vegetables, especially the crunchy ones, help with plaque removal.

Take care of your veneers and you will enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come.

Sweet Dreams – Chiropractic Care Can Be the Key

When you toss and turn, losing those precious hours of sleep at night, it starts to take its toll on the body, especially the immune system.  Your body needs a proper night’s sleep (most doctors recommend 8 hours) in order to repair from the daily wear and tear we place on it and to give our brain a rest so that it is sharp and ready to think and interact with the world again. When your body is unrested for a period of time, it starts to let you know that it needs more.  Irritability, unclear thought process, trouble staying on task are merely the beginning of the the effects that lack of sleep can have on the body.  Over a long period of time, you will become more sickly as the body does without proper rebuilding during the sleep process.

What Does That Have To Do With My Chiropractor?

There are lots of reasons for loss of sleep.   One very common reason for lack of adequate sleep is a poor mattress.  If your mattress is old, misshapen or broken down then your body is not going to be in a good alignment while you sleep. Night after night your spine is resting out of place while the muscles around the spinal column tighten in an effort to bring it back in and minimize the damage the misalignment is causing.  You wake up sore and stiff and unrested because you were trying to find a good position all night when none could be had. Getting a good mattress is a start but a Chiropractor is needed to get things back together again in a way that alleviates the pressure and helps you settle into a good position for you to rest in.  A well-trained Chiropractor will interview the patient who is not sleeping well to see what other things need addressing and make adjustments so that the body is in its right spine position again.  He or she may also recommend a treatment plan that will help get the body back into a pattern of sleep and keep the body from moving out of alignment again.  Your results are an energized body with a clear thinking mind that is ready to take on the day.

Symptoms That Let You Know You are not Sleeping Properly

Sometimes even when you don’t remember that you were restless in bed or waking up sore you are still not getting a good night’s sleep.  There can be hidden symptoms that let you know that your body has not had a recuperative sleep even if you think you’ve slept through the night.  Headaches is a great indicator that good sleep is not happening.  Are you waking up with headaches in the morning, even low level ones?  If so, you may not be getting the sleep you need and it can be an indication that you have something out of alignment that needs attention.  Do you wake with a tight jaw?  When there is pressure on the neck, the body has a tendency to want to bite down while you sleep, this amount of tension on the jaw and neck does not make for a restful night and can interrupt sleep patterns. Talk to a Chiropractor about how Chiropractic care can aid in relaxing the neck and jaw and also help protect your teeth from damage due to clenching and grinding.  If you are worried about these symptoms and want to talk to a Chiropractor about what you can do to get a better night’s sleep, log on to and talk to them about how they can help.

For Theatrical Performances, Poster Printing Can Steal the Show

There are few things that make a stunning appearance behind a lighted display than a poster heralding a coming performance.  The magic of the theatre poster greets the potential patron with a colorful display of the play title and some graphic work that will tell a little bit about what they can expect at your show with some hints as to the plot of the performance.  For more than 100 years, poster printing for theatrical performances has been used to garner interested theatre goers and capture new hearts with the wonder of a live performance. Sometimes performances are an updated show of an older piece.  Using a poster with some familiar iconic references will let the world know that the older is made new again and will capture attention with good feelings of nostalgia and an interest to see what you’ve done with the original play.  There can be no better way than a large, graphic display to let them know in an instant.

Posters As A Large Playbill

Have you thought about using theatrical performance posters as marketing in other ways besides letting the London area know what you are doing and where to see it?  You can put some glamour and interest, not to mention, capture more money spent at your performance by selling posters of the playbill cover.  Playbills are nice things to have and people like collecting them but for those extra special performances why not a playbill cover poster?  What fun to have them available for your theatre goers to purchase. You can even have a limited edition offer of a few posters being signed by the stars of your performance or the whole cast as well. These can be very memorable souvenirs for your patrons to have and keep.

Smaller Posters to Put Up Around Town

Hanging up large posters out in front of your playhouse or where ever your performance will be is a great idea for those who will look to see when the next performance will be.  Many theatre goers will frequently check to see what is coming up soon or what is playing now so those are great spots for drawing new and loyal patrons.  Smaller posters made to hang up in the areas where your would-be patrons are can be great way to get the word out and draw a wider interest.  You can capture all of the wonderful things about your main advertising posters and shrink them down to dimensions that are easier to hang up in coffee shops, bars and other places where posters are commonly hung.  They can also be used as a merchandising item for sale before, during and after your performance because they are easier to frame and hang on a wall.  It is interesting to collect these smaller images of theatre posters and hang them in a series along a hallway or in an office to commemorate those great moments spent at a show with friends or family.  They can also be the perfect size image to print on a t-shirt should you be so inclined to offer those for sale to your performance guests as well.

Poster printing may sound a bit expensive to undertake but we found a great shop place to get cheap posters in London that offers excellent work and posters with rich, saturated color that lasts with their UV stable printing technology.  You can have premium posters ready for the printing in no time at all.  Urban Design and Print is a terrific find to get the job done inexpensively. You can find them at

How To Choose The Right Accountant For Your Business

Though there are a number of different things you need to take care of as a smart and savvy modern business owner, the truth of the matter is that selecting the right London accountant it just might be one of the biggest (and most impactful) decisions you effort make.

As the people responsible for tracking your financial health and viability, the chartered accountant experts and professionals that you bring on board will have their finger on the “pulse” of your business – maybe even more so than you do – and can give you the kind of inside information you need to make proper business decisions in an instant.

However, choosing the right accountant in London has become more and more difficult as the years have gone by – specifically because there are so many different high-end options available, and not because there are so few. Hopefully, by the time you finish this quick and easy to read guide, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever selecting from the myriad of options of accountants out there – settling with the very best accountants London has to offer.

Work with specialists as opposed to generalists

One of the biggest mistakes that so many small business owners make (and honestly make time and time again) is that they focus on working with accountants that are generalists as opposed to accountants that specialize in very specific areas of the financial world.

And while it sounds like it makes a ton of sense to move forward with an accountant that can take care of all of your accounting needs – including your financial reporting, taxes, and anything else that comes your way – the truth of the matter is that their focus will be pulled in too many different directions to be reliable and effective.

Just as you wouldn’t want a heart surgeon to use a Leatherman multi-tool to perform open heart surgery – but would instead rather than use tools specifically made for the task at hand – don’t rely on generalist accountants in London to provide you with your services, focus on the specialists first.

Consider working with outside and outsourced accountants before hiring in-house specialists

I know that this sounds at least a little bit contrary to the advice provided above, but stick with me and you’ll soon see why we recommend that you first move forward with outsourced accountants in London as opposed to bringing in someone specifically to do your books.

The truth is that as you are growing you’re going to go through different stages of your business, each of them requiring more and more attention in detail as time goes by. However, until you’ve reached a “critical mass”, so to speak, there’s just no reason to bring in a highly expensive expert to do your books – and your books alone – when you can outsource the work to qualified professionals and save a tremendous amount of money in the process. As a number of accountant London firms that specialize in just this title for, and you should lean on them at every opportunity until the time is right.

Always – ALWAYS – investigate credentials ahead of time

Finally, if there is just one more piece of advice that you really pay attention to it would have to be this – always investigate credentials of your accountant in London before you decide to hire them.

While fraud and out and out lying has certainly become less and less common in modern times, the truth of the matter is that there are still a number of chartered accountant services in the area that don’t have necessary credentials or licensing – especially with the modern economy forcing more and more people into the freelance world.

The last thing that you’ll want to do is trust your personal and professional finances to one of these fly-by-night shops or services, so investigate the credentials ahead of time.